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About the Game

This game is played the same way as blackjack is played in traditional casinos (we use basic Vegas Strip rules). The object is to get the highest combination of cards in order to beat the dealer's hand without exceeding a total value of twenty-one in a single hand.

Selecting the Table Limit

Just like in a real casino, you can choose to play at a low-stakes or a high-stakes table. You can set the value of the table’s minimum bet and table limit by pressing the arrow in the lower-right area of the game screen.

How to Play

Placing a Bet

First place your bet by clicking on the desired chip value, and then clicking again in the betting circle. To increase your bet by the same value, clicking again in the bet circle. You can keep increasing your bet until you reach the Table Limit amount. If you click on the bet circle before selecting a chip value, the lowest-value chip will automatically be selected and bet.

To decrease a bet, hold down the Control key and then click in the betting circle.

Once your bet is placed click on DEAL to start the game. The dealer deals you two cards face up, and two cards to himself, one of which is face down. Now you have up to five different options to consider:


If you want to stay with the cards you were dealt click on STAND. Once you’ve chosen to STAND the Dealer’s first card is revealed and the Dealer will receive cards until reaching a total card value of seventeen or more. The Dealer must stand on a hard or soft seventeen and hit on anything lower. A "soft seventeen" is an Ace valued at eleven and the remaining card or cards totaling six.


You can ask the dealer to deal another card to your hand by clicking HIT. If you exceed a total value of 21, you "bust" and lose your bet.


If you are dealt two cards of the same value, you may split them into two separate hands by clicking the SPLIT button. This will place a second bet of equal value to your original bet for the new split hand (you must already have enough in your account to cover the additional bet before selecting this option). You then play out each hand individually. You may split any two cards of equal value such as a ten and a Jack. If you split two Aces, you will receive just one card for each hand. Any Blackjacks that result from a split-Ace hand are paid out as a standard 21-value hand, instead of as a Blackjack. Only one split is allowed per hand.

Double Down

After you have been dealt the first two cards, if you think a third card will beat the Dealer, you may elect to DOUBLE Down. This doubles your original bet and asks the dealer to deal you only one more card (you must already have enough in your account to cover the additional bet before selecting this option).


Insurance is offered if the Dealer has a possible Blackjack. This only occurs if the Dealer's up card is an Ace. Insurance is an additional wager equal to one half of your original bet and acts as protection against the Dealer's possible blackjack.

If the Dealer does indeed have a Blackjack, the insurance payout is 2 to 1 (based on the amount of the Insurance side bet). If the Dealer does not have Blackjack, you lose the insurance bet and play out the rest of the hand as usual. If both you and the Dealer have blackjack it is considered a "push", and no money is won or lost by the player or the dealer.

Resolving the Hands

If your hand exceeds a total value of 21, you "bust" and lose your bet. The winner is the hand that is closest to a total value of 21 without busting.

If you end up with the same total card value as the Dealer, you have a "push" and neither hand wins. A Blackjack is the combination of an Ace and a card with a value of ten including Jack, Queen or King. A Blackjack beats a 21-value hand made up of more than two cards. If you are dealt a Blackjack and the Dealer is not, you win automatically and payout is 1 1/2 times your original bet (plus your original bet which is returned). If both you and the Dealer are dealt Blackjack it is a Push.

How Many Decks?

Each hand is dealt from a single deck of 52 cards, which is reshuffled after each game.

Card Values

All numeric cards have a value equal to their number. Face cards—Kings, Queens, and Jacks—are each worth 10. The value of an Ace can be either one or eleven.

Playing Again

To play again with the same bet amount hit the DEAL button without making any bets. The amount you bet last hand will appear again in the betting circle and the Dealer will start dealing the cards immediately.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For expert players, and for players who like or need alternate interface modes, we offer keyboard shortcuts for all functions of the Blackjack game. To enable or disable these shortcuts you can set the Keyboard Shortcuts parameter in the Preferences panel (available from the Options menu).

These are the available shortcuts for Blackjack:



+ or =

Increase your bet by the minimum bet amount

- or _

Decrease your bet by the minimum bet amount











A or Y

Accept (Insurance)


Decline (Insurance)

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