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25% Bonus on First Deposits!

Our innovative "You Can't Lose" promotion has now ended. Click here for details.

This is one of the most generous Bonus plans on the 'Net: we will add an extra 25% in Bonus Chips to the first deposit you make with Casino San Fran!

For example, if you deposit US$200 you will receive US$50 in Bonus Chips. If you deposit US$100 you will receive US$25 in Bonus Chips.

Bonus Chips can be wagered in the casino, but cannot be directly withdrawn. However you can keep all of the money you win when you bet with the Bonus Chips!

So step up for some Bonus Chips soon!

To learn about how to make a deposit using our simple Cashier interface, please read our Help page about Buying Chips at the Cashier.

Our innovative "You Can't Lose" promotion has now ended. If you made your deposit by Midnight GMT on December 3, 1999, we will calculate your bonus refund amount, if any, before Midnight GMT on December 5, 1999.

We thank all of you who made the "You Can't Lose" promotion so popular! Would you like to see "You Can't Lose" again? Email us at [email protected] and let us know!

Copyright © 1999 GFB International Ltd.

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