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Casino San Fran Software

Getting started at Casino San Fran is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Download the software. (8.9MB) (See detailed instructions)

  2. Register as a casino player. (You can do this while you're downloading).

  3. Run the software installer, and then log in to the casino and play!

Our casino software currently runs on Windows 95, 98, or NT4 systems (a Macintosh version is coming soon!). Before you download you may want to read more about the software features and system requirements.

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT Instructions:

    Download time will range from about 10 minutes for ISDN (~128K) transfer speed, to about 40 minutes at 28.8K transfer speed.

    1. Click on the Download link. If you use Netscape Navigator, a window will appear asking where you would like to save the file named SanFranInstaller.exe. You may save the file wherever you want on your hard drive. Please make a note of the directory to which you save the file. (If you can't get the file using the links above, try here).

    2. While the file is downloading, you can use the time to Register and obtain your Login name and Password for the casino (if you haven't done so already).

    3. After downloading, find the directory where you saved the file using Windows Explorer, or by opening the My Computer icon on the desktop, and navigating through the directories it contains. When you find the file named SanFranInstaller.exe double-click on it to start the installer program.

    4. Follow the directions in the installer program. When installation is complete, look for the Casino San Fran icon on your desktop. Double-click on this icon to launch the casino.

    5. Log in using the Login Name and Password you chose when you registered.

    6. For detailed instructions about running the casino software, please read the Getting Around the Casino help pages.

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