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The HyperJackpot
Progressive Jackpot

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot increases by a percentage of every bet placed on a specific game. For example when you place a bet on a hand of Video Poker a portion of your bet amount is added to the progressive jackpot value for that game. Every player worldwide who is playing that same Video Poker game will also contribute to the same jackpot. Needless to say that can make the jackpot very large over time. The next person to win the JACKPOT result for that game will take away a big payout!

What is HyperJackpot?

HyperJackpot is a worldwide linked Progressive Jackpot that's shared across many different casino sites. It's similar to those million-dollar jackpot displays you may have seen on top of linked progressive slot machines in Las vegas and elsewhere.

At the time we write this five other casino sites have agreed to participate in the HyperJackpot Jackpot. That means HyperJackpot should increase six times as fast as our normal progressive jackpots do. Casino San Fran's Cable Car 5-line Slots is our game that participates in the HyperJackpot Jackpot.


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