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Five Line Slots (Cable Car Slots)

About the Game

The Five Line Slot Machine lets players take a chance on five unique outcomes with each spin of the reels. Plus this game participates in the worldwide Jumping Jack Cash Progressive Jackpot, which accumulates contributions from many online casinos into one giant jackpot!

There are three spinning reels, each with three visible icons. When the machine is played, the wheels spin and then come to rest showing nine total icons that create five unique line combinations. Each of these combinations pay out to the player according to the Payout Table posted with each game.

The payouts are cumulative; that is if three lines win, each paying 5 coins, then you will receive a total of 15 coins on that play. The only exception is when you win the Progressive Jackpot by getting nine of the most-valuable icons at once. In this situation you only win the progressive jackpot amount, and not the total of the payouts for the five lines. (Don't worry, the Progressive Jackpot amount is guaranteed to be worth much more than the five line payouts combined!)

How to Play

Place your bet by clicking the BET PLUS or BET MAX button. Each time you click the BET PLUS button you are placing a bet on an additional line combination. Clicking BET MAX automatically bets 5 coins and selects all five lines. To decrease your bet click the BET MINUS button.

When you’ve decided on your bet, click the SPIN button to start the reels in motion. When the reels stop, the payout will be calculated according to the odds posted above each machine. Winnings are reflected in the PAYOUT area and are automatically added to your BALANCE.

To play again with the same bet amount, click the SPIN button again without pressing any betting buttons.

Between spins you may set the value of the minimum bet for this game by clicking the arrow in the lower-left area of the game screen. For example, you could change the value the coins to be bet from $0.25 to $1.00, or vice versa.

Progressive Jackpot

To win the Jumping Jack Cash Progressive Jackpot, you must be betting the maximum (5 coins) on all 5 available lines, and then receive an outcome showing 9 Golden Gate Bridge Icons.

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