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Many problems related to internet game performance are due to the performance of the Internet itself. We have streamlined the internet gameplay process by limiting the amount of information that passes between our clients and our servers. Still, if traffic over the net is extremely saturated, or if a key internet server or router is down, you may have internet performance problems. Casino San Fran cannot help with these problems; It is suggested that you contact your own internet provider. They may be able to assist.

It is highly recommended that you exit all other running applications before launching Casino San Fran, as this will allow the full resources of your system to be dedicated to gameplay. Remember that you must be connected to The Internet before launching Casino San Fran, or the casino will not run.

Hardware Compatibility Problems

We highly recommend that you get the latest drivers for your sound and video devices from your respective device manufacturers website. Securing the latest drivers often will cure all kinds of general software failure issues.

We have found problems with the ATI Rage Pro video card. Specifically, an invalid page fault can occur randomly during game play, and always during a split Blackjack hand. Presently, our engineers are working on a fix for this problem.

Questions and Answers

Question: The download is too big.

Answer: Casino San Fran Casino has some of the best graphics, animation and sound you will find anywhere online. Unfortunately, there is a small price to pay in the size of the download. We reccomend that you use Internet Explorer for the download, as you can resume a partial download if you lose your connection.

Instead of sitting and waitng for the download, you might try to do another task or activity on your computer while Casino San Fran downloads, or perhaps step away from your computer and do something else.

Question: My gameplay is sluggish, or sounds are dropping out, or animations are stuttering.

Answer: Make sure you have no other programs running. If that doesn’t cure the problem, try turning off animations in Preferences (under the Options Menu). If performance is still poor, you can turn off sound if you so desire.

Question: After I log in the Updater window seems to freeze.

Answer: The Updater utility automatically downloads the latest games, files, and features to keep your casino software up-to-date and interesting. Sometimes an update may involve a fairly large file which can take a few minutes to download. Usually when the Updater progress bar seems "stopped" it's because a large file is downloading. Please wait for five minutes or more before concluding that the software is frozen.

Question: I performed a Cashier Transaction and now I cannot close the cashier and return to my game.

Answer: It is important that you wait for your cashier transactions to process before closing the cashier. We need to update your balance accordingly with your transaction. Please be patient, as there could be an internet-related problem ocurring that prevents your transaction information from being processed in a timely manner.

If the transaction fails to process within 5 minutes, you will be able to close the cashier and return to the casino. the transaction will continue processing, but you will not have any verification of the transaction until the next time you log onto Casino San Fran casino.

If this issue does occur, don't worry! There is little or no chance of an actual error ocurring with your account, and if an error ever did occur, we would promptly fix it. If you ever have any problems with the Casino San Fran cashier, contact us immediately at [email protected]

Question: My game-play froze in the middle of a round! What gives!

Answer: After you initiated your last round of play (by clicking Deal, Spin, or Play), information was sent across the internet to our servers, telling us that you were playing a round. We then sent you back the result of that round. Unfortunately, this information may have been lost on the way, perhaps through a faulty Internet router, or some other Internet problem. The casino software will wait about 2 minutes for a response from our server. If it doesn’t receive one, then it will timeout and close down. The good news is that next time you log on, we will allow you to continue playing the same round you were playing before (if you were playing Poker or Blackjack). Since Slots and Keno and Roulette are not multi-round games, your round was actually completed when the error occurred. You just never saw the results. After logging back on after the error, your balance will be correctly modified according to the results of your last round.

Question: My game froze and now I cannot log back into the casino!

Answer: We hope your game never freezes, and we don't think it will happen often. However, in the case that it does, we lock your account for three minutes. This is a security precaution taken to protect your account from potential hacking. Please wait three minutes and you may log in again.

Question: When I try to get to the Help sections under the Help Menu I get the following error, "Could not launch web browser located at..."

Answer: In order to view the Help Pages, you will need to map your Internet browser. To map your browser, pull down the Options Menu and select Preferences. Now click the ellipsis. The "Please Select a Browser" window will come up and you will be able to navigate through your hard drive and find your browser. You will need to choose your browsers’ actual application file (I.E. Netscape.exe or IEXPLORE.EXE, or whatever executable program applies to your Internet Browser.) If you are still having problems, you can reach the Help Files manually by launching your internet browser and pointing it to

If you are still having problems, please e-mail our support staff at [email protected]

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