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Withdrawing Your Winnings

There are two ways to access The Cashier. If you are in the Casino Lobby, simply click on the Cashier window on the right side of the Lobby.

You can also access the Cashier from the Lobby or from any game room by clicking the GO TO Menu, and clicking the Cashier Menu Item.

To withdraw winnings, click on the Withdraw tab. You will be taken to the Withdrawal Information Page. Please verify that you have the correct name and address listed in our database before continuing. Once you have verified the information, click Next.

Now, pick the type of delivery service you would like to use for your withdrawal check. Please note that the Express delivery service has a U.S. $20.00 fee included. In addition, Casino San Fran charges a U.S. $2 transaction fee for all withdrawals.

Once you have chosen your method of delivery, click Next, and you will be taken to the Withdrawal Information page. Choose the amount you want to withdraw and click Next.

You will now be at the Withdrawal Transaction Summary page. Please verify that the withdrawal figures are correct, and click Next.

You will be taken to the Processing screen. You can wait right here to see you transaction get processed. You will not be able to close the Cashier until the results of your transaction have been returned. Within a few moments, you will have the results of your transaction, along with a reference number.

If you have any problems at all, please e-mail us at [email protected]

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